Surnames beginning with G

GORDON, Eugenie (SUGDEN, Eugenie); 1939-; Bolton Lancs
GORDON, Margaret; Bolton Lancs

GRAHAM-HARRISON, Emma Frances; 1978-; London
GRAHAM-HARRISON, Kathleen Patricia (MAHER, Kathleen Patricia); 1947-; Bolton Lancs UK
GRAHAM-HARRISON, Laura; 1980-; London
GRAHAM-HARRISON, Robert; 1943-; London?

GROGAN, Adele Ellen; 1968-; Windsor Canada
GROGAN, Ann (MAHER, Ann (Annie)); 1897-1979; Bolton Lancs
GROGAN, Daniel; 1884-1967; Rochdale
GROGAN, Gloria (HURN, Gloria); 1937-
GROGAN, Laura Maureen (FLETCHER, Laura Maureen); 1963-
GROGAN, Lester John; 1961-; Rochdale Lancs
GROGAN, Liam Michael; 2000-; Windsor, Ontario
GROGAN, Michael; 1936-1999; Rochdale Lancs

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.

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