Can you help?

The following is a list of information currently required to progress our research into our Maher family history.

LAWRENCE FITZSIMMONS from West Meath and his wife CATHERINE (KATE) nee O'CONNELL from Dublin, described as "went to America". According to her nephew's notes Kate was an opera singer and they had two children. Can only estimate that this was in the early 1900s. Have made no progress in tracing them so far.

BUCHANAN families in Liverpool 1880 - 1950. We have a lot of missing cousins out there somewhere!

Any children of THOMAS and MARY ANN MAHER (born 1829) emigrating from Ireland to anywhere 1870 - 1890. Exhaustive research has not yet revealed the Irish village/ town/ location from which they came - the three found so far all ended up in Bolton, Lancashire, UK
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