Detailed information about this site

The site is run by Les and Alicia (Maher) Esling. We live in a village called Sandiway near Northwich in Cheshire, UK. The Esling and Maher home pages we have put up are just the basic details of all the family members - ancestors and descendants - on whom we have information so far, including some research of possible use to others but without a lot of personal detail. We hope it will help to put us in touch with other people who are interested in the same names and hopefully the same families. In fact it has already brought us quite a few long-lost (or even so far unknown!) relatives.

We are not a genealogical organisation and do not undertake research on behalf of other people, but if you do find yourself, or a member of your family, included in our page then you are definitely connected and we would very much like to hear from you and share information. Even if you don't see a direct connection but are interested in investigating the possibilities, do send us the details and we'll check out our records. We do not at present collect or publish information on the Maher name in general.

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