Research at Somerset House, London, 25 Oct 1995, Alicia Esling.

When I extracted this information the indexes of wills and letters of administration (admons)for England and Wales from 1858 onwards were available free of charge. Any papers could be brought from the archives on request and read there and then for 50p, photocopies could be ordered and were sent within the week, 75p for wills, 25p for letters of administration. I examined the original wills of Sarah Archer Esling 1863 and Cornelius Gibson 1878 and ordered copies for myself.

Esling entries in the indexes are as follows :

1858 - 1862 NONE

1863: ESLING Sarah, effects under 200. 18 May. The will of Sarah Esling of Stowmarket in the county of Suffolk but late of Burston in the county of Norfolk, widow, deceased, who died on 19 Jan 1863 at Burston aforesaid was proved at Norwich by the oath of John Esling of Burston aforesaid, Farmer, the Son, one of the executors. (I noticed that the documents, which I had brought out from the archive, had not been stamped out for inspection before)

1864 - 1873 NONE

1874 ESLING John, effects under 1500. 7th November. The will of John Esling late of Diss in the county of Norfolk, grocer and wine merchant, who died 20 Aug 1874 at Diss was proved at Norwich by Mary Esling Esling (sic) of Diss, widow, the relict, the sole executrix.

1875 - 1877 NONE

1878 GIBSON Cornelius, personal estate under 1500. 18 June. The will and three codicils of Cornelius Gibson formerly of Beccles but late of Wingfield, both in the county of Suffolk, who died 21 Feb 1878 at Wingfield was proved at Ipswich by Richard Hart of Wingfield and Francis Pearce Ling of Willingham in the said county, two of the executors.( This document had previously been stamped out of the archive once, on 7 Aug 1992) (Included because he was the second husband of ELEANOR DIXON ESLING)

1879 -1888 NONE

1886 ESLING Sarah Jane, personal estate of 1033 2s 10d. 12 June. The will of Sarah Jane Esling (wife of Henry Esling) late of 12 Queens Rd St. John's Wood in the county of Middlesex who died 12 April 1886, was proved at the principal registry by the said Henry Esling of 12 Queen's Rd, retired ironmonger, and William Haynes the Elder of 22 Spring St. Paddington in the said county, upholstere, the executors. Probate being granted under certain limitations.

1887 1888 - not checked. 1889, 1890 NONE

1891 ESLING Annie. Personal estate 52 1s 6d 23 December. Administration of the personal estate of Annie Esling late of Diss in the county of Norfolk, spinster who died 9 July 1891 at Diss, was granted at Norwich to Mary Esling of Diss, widow, the Mother and only next of kin.

1892 - 1902 NONE

1903 - ESLING Emily Louisa of Welbeck House, Child's Hill (Wife of Henry Charles Esling) died 17 December 1902. Probate London 6th Feb to Henry Charles Dunning gentleman. Effects 4206.5s 5d.

1904,1905 NONE

1906 ESLING ann of 15, Walters Place, Whitehouse St, Bedminster, Bristol (Wife of Joseph Henry Esling) died 1st Nov 1906 at the general hospital, Bristol. Administration Bristol to the said Joseph Henry Esling Labourer. Effects 174. 5s. 8d

1907 - 1913 NONE

1914 ESLING Harriet of Diss, Norfolk, spinster, died 5 Nov 1913. Administration Norwich 2nd Feb to Mary Esling, spinster. Effects 1042. 13s 5d Resworn 972. 13s. 5d

1915 ESLING Henry of 50 Childenert Rd Balham, Suurey d 22 Feb 1915. Probate London 8 April to Elizabeth Esling widow and Edward Perry Poulterer. Effects 1145. 14s

1916,1917 NONE

1918 ESLING George, of Mill Claydon, SFK Coal Merchant d 10 Jan 1918 Probate Ipswich 23 Feb to Mary Ann Esling widow. Effects 1187.14s 9d

1919 ESLING Mary of Besthorpe NFK Spinster d 3 Feb 1919 Probate Norwich 1st April to Arthur Harry Newson, bank manager. Effects 1673 16s 1d

1920 - 1922 NONE

1923 ESLING Albert Frederick Lionel of 59 Tunstall Rd Croydon, Surrey d 27 July 1923 at Guy's Hospital London Bridge Surrey. Administration (with will) London 23 August to Louise Elizabeth Esling widow. Effects 214 1s 9d

1924,1925 NONE

1926 ESLING John Herbert of Needham Market SFK d 1 December 1926. Probate Ipswich 10 Dec to Ethel Lucy May Esling widow. Effects 254. 10s

1926 -1958 not checked

1959, 1960 NONE

1961 ESLING Walter Henry Ambrose of 40 Eastvale, The Vale, Acton MSX d 2 May 1961. Administration London 16 June to Maie (sic) Esling Spinster

1962 ESLING James William of 94 Fortescue Rd Burnt Oak Edgeware MSX d 27 Nov 1961 at the Edgeware general hospital Hendon MSX Admin. London 7 Feb to Ivy Winifred Esling, widow. Effects 690.9s

1963 NONE

In June 1996 I obtained copies of all these Esling wills / admons.

I later had cause to be glad I had done so whilst it was still relatively inexpensive, since DRACONIAN new charges were introduced in May 1999 and the archive has been removed from Somerset House, which is now a great place to have an expensive lunch or browse around the Courtaulds Institute! If any of the wills apply to your ancestors or related families you are welcome to copies for the price of postage.