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As a special project in 1996 - 97 I extracted all Esling entries for births, deaths and marriages in England and Wales from the General Registrar's Office indexed records. The work was mostly done straight from the massive books which were then kept at St Catherine's House, London. They have since been moved to the Family Record Centre at Myddleton Place. Registration only began in 1837 (third quarter) and I have only gone up to 1920. The index is reproduced here to assist you in looking for a reference. If you wish to apply for a full certificate to find out further details of your ancestor, you can use the reference to obtain one from the registrar general, or even the correct local registry office. Of course if it is a certificate I already have, I will happily share it!
In recording these entries I have merely extracted them from the main alphabetical list - I have done no EXTRA searching for mis-spellings, out-of-sequence, late entries, foreign registrations etc etc. If the one you are looking for is there, I hope I have saved you time and trouble, but if it is not on my list it does not necessarily mean that it does not exist! Where the original is difficult to read I have put a ? after it. It is worth noting that only from the 3rd quarter of 1911 does the partner's surname appear in the marriage index, or the mother's surname or maiden name appear in the births index. (I have added the information in earlier than this where I have already ordered the certificate and have proof of it - usually marked with a *).

Alicia Esling